Smith Graham Ten Commandments

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Thou shall not depend on politicians for sustenance.
  2. We shall learn from our past, not live in the past.
  3. Thou shall not play the race card.
  4. We shall give ourselves permission to succeed.
  5. Thou shall have a first-class, top drawer, “oooh-weee” view from a distinguished downtown Houston and New York office.
  6. We shall live a balanced life relating to family, faith, friends, and financial integrity.
  7. Thou shall respect our customers, our co-workers and ourselves.
  8. Thou shall give time, talent and money (back) to the church and community.
  9. Thou shall hire the most committed and competent human capital available.
  10. We shall love the Lord, our family, our friends, and our enemies.

-Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell