Environmental Sustainability

Smith Graham is committed to addressing climate change in our everyday office practices.  We regularly consider climate and related sustainability issues as an integral part of the firm’s overall business strategy.  Our goal is to put effective protocols in place to ensure responsible actions that mitigate risks and strengthen the long-term resilience of our business.

The firm has taken steps to become a green advocate firm by partnering with building managements in both our Houston and New York offices.  Both have implemented Go Green initiatives to help lower electricity consumption, thereby reducing the buildings’ carbon footprint. Additionally, through contracts with suppliers of electricity, building management in New York is able to completely offset the building’s carbon emission production with renewable energy generation, mainly consisting of wind energy. 

We have established relationships with vendors that provide sustainable products with the goal of ordering products or supplies with less impact to the environment.

Employees are encouraged to recycle, and we have established easily accessible areas for collection and disposal of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and metal within our offices.  We also work with building housekeeping to ensure that products certified to safeguard the environment and/or indoor air quality are used.

Additional eco-friendly initiatives that Smith Graham is supporting to protect the environment and lower carbon emissions:

  • Reduce the use of printed paper / convert existing paper reports to electronic format
  • Work from home to reduce energy consumption
  • Donate unused computer printers, screens, iPhones, etc. to be reused when possible
  • When possible, substitute teleconferencing or video conferencing for travel to meetings
  • Set sleep modes for copiers and other peripherals to deactivate when not in use
  • Install lower mercury content light bulbs throughout the offices