Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager – Liquidity Strategies, Head of Securitized Sector

George Onisiforou is Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager and Head of Securitized Sector. He has over 30 years of experience in the fixed income securitized sectors.  At Smith Graham, George manages the firm’s sizable liquidity portfolios which include cash and enhanced cash as well as low duration portfolios.  George is responsible for reviewing, analyzing and making risk-adjusted and relative value decisions in the securitized sector including mortgage-backed and commercial-backed, asset-backed and CMO securities.  Correspondingly, he also trades all the above products as well as money market and government securities.  Over the years, George wrote and developed various analytical models for successfully implementing asset allocation strategies which we currently deploy here at Smith Graham.  These strategies comprise partial duration risk, yield curve positioning, convexity and volatility management as well as total return analyses and bond swaps, all to better manage our clients’ fixed income portfolios.  Prior to joining the firm, George served as a financial analyst and trader with Coastal Securities in Houston, Texas.  His responsibilities, at Coastal, included the relative value analysis of securities in the securitized sectors including mortgage-backed, adjustable rate mortgages, and collateralized mortgage securities.  He also served as a CMO trader and structurer.


George received an MS in Finance from the University of Houston at Clear Lake and BBA in Management from the University of Texas at Austin.