Long-Term Outperformance Through a Risk-Controlled Process

We believe that a disciplined, global approach focused on economic fundamentals and awareness of market conditions will produce long-term, risk-adjusted outperformance. Using our philosophy of client partnership, we construct objective-based portfolios in collaboration with our institutional clients. Our risk management approach is proactive. On a daily basis, our portfolio managers and traders monitor risk through our reporting system. Compliance reviews these reports on a weekly basis, and our Investment Policy Committee meets monthly to discuss performance, characteristics, and attribution for each account.

Fixed Income Fixed Income

Our fixed income strategies seek to produce excess returns net of fees relative to client benchmarks. Portfolio managers identify the desired sector exposure and portfolio duration of each portfolio. Then, using these parameters, they seek to maximize total return by taking advantage of economic fundamentals and market conditions.more


Our Liquidity Asset Management Products aim to obtain a high level of current income consistent with capital preservation and liquidity over the short term. Our strategy identifies the desired weighted-average maturity of each portfolio and uses fundamentals and market conditions to maximize current income.more


The Small Cap Value, Midcap Value, and SMID (Small/Mid) Cap Value Products reflects our belief that attractive returns can be achieved over a full market cycle within a small and mid- capitalization universe by combining a systematic quantitative approach with traditional fundamental analysis. The Equity investment team manages the client portfolios utilizing a clearly defined, highly disciplined process.more