Astutely Exploiting Short-term Inefficiencies of Real Estate Financing Across the Country

SGIA's Mortgage and Real Estate ("MRE") Debt Alternatives Group has invested in reperforming whole loans as well as residential and multifamily bridge loans since 2008. The team has a strong track record with approximately $1.1billion invested through June 30, 2018.

The SGIA MRE team, led by 22-year industry veteran Brian Tortorella offers investors the ability to access unique opportunities in various segments of today's real estate market. Our two main products are Bridge loans on single family and multifamily residential homes and Reperforming Loans (RPLs). Bridge Loans are short term loans given to borrowers for the business purpose of fixing and selling homes. Reperforming Loans are seasoned loans that were typically originated pre-2007 with a strong record of cash flow and performance. These loans allow for exposure to real estate without the long duration risk typical of this asset class. Additionally, they offer favorable regulatory treatment, asset level control and limited mark to market risk. Finally, they provide higher stable yields and have a lower correlation to traditional fixed income investments.

Bridge Loans on Single Family Residential Homes – The rising age of US housing inventory coupled with the increased demand of Americans to live closer to dense urban areas has created a long-term opportunity to partner with lenders financing purchases of investment properties.

Reperforming Loans of Single Family Residential Homes – Over the past 10 years, there has been a significant supply among holders of whole loans who are looking to move outstanding liabilities off their balance sheet.

SGIA has created a unique product offering encompassing rigorous due diligence, a granular approach to managing whole loans and a proven operational and technology infrastructure to proactively drive returns and mitigate risk.

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