A Strategy that Combines a Systematic Quantitative Approach with Traditional Fundamental Analysis

• Small Cap Value
• Midcap Value
• SMID Cap Value

We believe four key elements distinguish our approach and create a high likelihood of success in the future:

Philosophy: Our philosophy reflects our belief that attractive returns can be achieved over a full market cycle, within the small and midcap domestic equity universes, by combining a systematic quantitative approach with traditional fundamental analysis. Our goal is to produce competitive returns within these universes over a full market cycle. Simply put, our process focuses on the identification of value and the ability to purchase it at a reasonable price.

Process: Our systematic process utilizes a proprietary investment model to identify and rank companies by their current and future values. We then employ fundamental analysis to verify the rankings derived from the quantitative screening and construct a diversified portfolio from the most attractive candidates. This is a process that generates alpha through stock selection, not market timing or sector rotation.

Performance: The consistent implementation of this process has resulted in competitive returns on both an absolute and relative basis over time.

People: There has been a consistent team implementing this investment approach throughout its 20 year history. This experienced team is committed to the investment process and exceeding our clients' and their consultants' expectations.

In summary, we believe that a consistent team, adhering to a well-tested investment approach that has produced value-added results, differentiates this strategy from those of other investment managers.

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