Fixed Income

A Disciplined Investment Process Focused on Relative Value and Emphasizing Risk Management

Our fixed income investment philosophy focuses on relative value with an emphasis on risk management. Within this context, we believe that superior long-term returns with low volatility can be achieved through income generating strategies that maximize stable cash flows across the yield curve.

Since approximately 90% of the return in the broad investment grade fixed income market (as represented by the Barclays Capital Aggregate Index) has come from cash flows over the past 20 years, we believe that constructing portfolios with securities that have a stable cash flow profile will help achieve outperformance with low risk over full market cycles.

Our investment management team has vast experience in constructing portfolios across the continuum of bond and currency markets in a number of strategies that include:

• Core and Core Plus
• Corporate Credit
• Intermediate
• Long Duration

Much like our partnership approach to client service, our investment performance focus maintains a long-term orientation. As such, we seek to outperform our clients' benchmarks net of fees and to be among the top managers in our style or peer group over a full market cycle. We believe the experience, insights and the disciplined approach of our Fixed Income Investment Team underscores our ability to add value to client portfolios.

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